Alexis you are the sound doctor. You take the signal that I send you and make it pop and make it kick.
Mrs Paintbrush (Jackson of Grand Buffet)
not one but two space echo pedals in play. lush doesn’t even enter into it

not one but two space echo pedals in play. lush doesn’t even enter into it


please stop saying cishet when you mean “people who just dont get it” 

please stop saying straight cis men when you mean men

please stop using language that tells gay and trans men that they are the exception and cant possibly do anything wrong.

DAD085/Sprang Tour

Tracklist found here:

Pittsburgh’s Cutups (aka Geoff Maddock) has been involved appreciating, promoting and djing experimental and electronic music since the mid-90s - from DJing at WPTS and radio carson, running wrecked distro, part of the pbs and fuzz crews, to just booking lots of shows. Currently he runs the Lazercrunk night with Keebs focused on fun, forward-thinking dance music, and the periodic Illusions night with Tella and Vaneck that focuses on darker sounds and live acts. He like mineos, aeillos AND fioris.

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Longmont Potion Castle - centipedes
the body - hail to thee, everlasting pain
River Bones - 77
valanx - beyond doubt (the exaltics remix)
koordinate of wonders - horizontal rain (+5u pro)
Espectrostatic - the wrong side of the portal
IC3PEAK - gummy
rone - apache
Huron Bln - dark fields
Bombardier - unidentified
Silent Servant - the strange attractor
ling - anthracite (horra club remix)
helix & hrdvsion - gmail
Dark0 - plasma cannon
saga - wizley
super duper - diamond
Headphone Activist - the place beyond the pines
Aleksi Perälä- rings of saturn
iTAL tEK - intercruise
Squarepusher - venus no. 17 (acid mix)


rebranding for spring


rebranding for spring

djinx - witches <3 me
available today on beatport

djinx - witches <3 me

available today on beatport

Impose Magazine published some pictures from Malportado Kids tour including the show I facilitated at the now-defunct Hoagie

is music even good?
This is my still doesn&#8217;t have adequate health care or social services face

This is my still doesn’t have adequate health care or social services face

blaeddelrunner said: I haven’t touched a turntable or a record in like eight years, and every time you post a track I wish I could order everything on your site in vinyl and relearn my beatmatching techniques.

I post exclusively Pittsburgh artists many of whom are represented on this label. Purple and Pink Records releases are available at Beatport, ITunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, Juno and other digital retailers. I wish we could press vinyl But it is cost prohibitive. We do promo cds occasionally but don’t seem to sell much physical product at all.
you can’t divide by zero

Let’s talk about the ratio of successful surgery fundraisers for trans masculine vs trans feminine people. I personally have seen a handful of successful surgery fundraisers go thru but never even one for any amab person I am aware of. I had a donation post once and the small amount of money it generated was used to deny me medical assistance despite my making half the poverty line. Let’s talk about the fact that men get what they want, often at the expense of meeting women’s need for resources. Let’s talk about how hard it is to transition without resources. So many trans women have needs that aren’t being met. Split nothing up six ways we all get nothing. The ratio described above is impossible to resolve or an infinitesimal too small to register on a statistical basis. If you could afford surgery what would you have done? Its a cruel joke because as a broke disabled trans woman I will never be able to afford surgery. The advocacy and outreach and inquiries I have been doing out of hope have been completely fruitless. You won’t respond or reblog this because it affects you and it hurts too much, or because you benefit from this and don’t want to rock the boat.