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7/7 i do this all day every day. put out seven albums in a week like it’s nothing

Holy crapsicles! ITS #MORECOWBELL TUESDAY AGAIN! This week RSK brings you a very special bootleg of hometown homie “buu buu” BUKU. The original “That Thang” is a bouncy southern style banger, that helped launch this young man’s rising career. With that being said: from the other side of the tracks, RSK brings you his re-imagined flip of the soon to be classic twerk anthem. The track pops with added bass, little bits of neuro, a lil bit funky dnb, into straight up freestyle. Grab this one for your homecoming sets, and turn up to infinity!

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from the blue / pink split

sometimes u just need it rough

second to last one, that me

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happily smoke lots of green all night

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you don’t get to the top by not playing favorites




Men dressing up as women to make a joke is always transmisogynist.

Robin Williams in Ms. Doubtfire: transmisogynist

The Wayans Brothers in White Chicks: transmisogynist

Any comedy show where a cis man plays a trans woman (like Transparent with Jeffery Tambour): double fucking transmisogynist

Shane Dawson: racist and transmisogynist (because he did blackface too)

A significant number of drag performances: FUCKING TRANSMISOGYNIST

Eat a dick I do not care what your excuse is you’re a fucking transmisogynist eat a goddamn dick



Sleeping Hermaphroditos, a Roman Imperial work (2nd century AD), which was discovered near the Baths of Diocletian in Rome, and probably inspired by a Greek original of the 2nd century BC. The mattress was sculpted by Bernini. 

With the voluptuous curves, one might assume walking by this sculpture, without closer observation, that a female is depicted. Hermaphroditos is actually a male, the son of Hermes and Aphrodite, and is depicted here as a bisexed figure. The sculpture, and those like it, raise profound questions about the nature of arousal and desire.

The following sections are written by Astier Marie-Bénédicte of the Louvre, and are all worth a read:

The story of Hermaphroditos:

There is nothing improper in this work, but it still intrigues the viewer. Hermaphroditos, had rejected the advances of the nymph Salmacis. Unable to resign herself to this rejection, Salmacis persuaded Zeus to merge their two bodies forever, hence the strange union producing one bisexed being with male sexual organs and the voluptuous curves of a woman. Stretched out in erotic abandon on the mattress provided by Bernini, the figure sleeps. Yet Hermaphroditos has only fallen half asleep: the twisting pose of the body and the tension apparent down to the slightly raised left foot are indicative of a dream state.

An embodiment of Hellenistic taste:

[…] The subject reflects the taste for languid nudes, surprise effects, and theatricality, all of which were prized in the late Hellenistic period. The work is designed to be viewed in two stages. First impressions are of a gracious and sensuous body that leads one to think that the figure is a female nude in the Hellenistic tradition; this effect is heightened here by the sinuousness of the pose. The other side of the statue then brings a surprise, revealing the figure’s androgynous nature by means of the crudest realism. This effect of contrast and ambiguity, indeed this taste for the strange that plays with the viewer’s emotions, is the result of the theatricality of some Hellenistic art. This utopian combination of two sexes is sometimes interpreted as a half-playful, half-erotic creation, designed to illustrate Platonic and more general philosophical reflections on love. 

Courtesy of & currently located at the Louvre, France: Ma 231. Photos taken by Anne-Marie Bouché.

I am fortunate enough to have seen this in person and it is truly lovely.


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