Only three days before Paul’s hospitalization (Relative Q), we were dancing our asses off to the best tag set he and Aaron had ever thrown down together. We’re pleased to post it up for everyone now. Please take a few minutes to contribute to Zyla’s GoFundMe page to help smooth the recovery process for Paul & Tobin on the long road ahead. Let’s get this man back behind the DJ booth and in the studio as soon as possible.

Sleeveless Records is proud to announce its debut release….


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tired of being crampy and scruffy and burned out and broke and hopeless all the time. and my cat keeps biting my legs and clawing at my feet. what does relief or recovery even look like. oh wait it turns out im not entitled to ever feel ok and help is only for people who deserve it

self explanitory

Exclusive track for Retro Promenade’s Gonzo Golden Globes album, a 23 artist compilation and homage to vintage erotica. Though this is more a dark fantasy love song…

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Let’s talk about the ratio of successful surgery fundraisers for trans masculine vs trans feminine people. I personally have seen a handful of successful surgery fundraisers go thru but never even one for any amab person I am aware of. I had a donation post once and the small amount of money it…

300 notes on this post and the situation has not changed. I was recently denied disability on top pf being unable to access obamacare, medical assistance, housing assistance, or any other social service that i desperately need. Let’s talk about the social function of denying care and support systematically to a marginalized group. Let’s talk about how the system is not broken when it is doing exactly what it is designed to do when it excludes bodies like mine. The cumulative weight of being told no a million times on matters of my own bodily integrity and wellbeing. Even if i had insurance i would be fighting every step of the way for inclusive coverage. How is this acceptable. This is a genocide and i won’t stop talking about it until it has ended and there is reparition for me and my sisters.

lets put some money where our mouth is. I need surgery to address the scars, cramping and acute genital discomfort i acquired as an intersex child forced to undergo normalizing procedures the wrong direction. Such injustice so outrage i cant even access basic care that helps w this without coverage (inaccessible) or a bankroll (are u serious i have no income) So if you give a shit and want to help save a poor disabled weirdo queer trans butch out. My paypal is please share even if you can’t donate. Prove me wrong, give me some hope.

rly into how I look upside down rn

rly into how I look upside down rn



16-year-old dresses as every culture and counterculture of the last 100 years

Flapper. Beatnick. Hippie. Hipster. 

In her project “Counter // Culture,” 16-year-old photographer Annalisa Hartlaub captures all the mainstream and countercultural movements that have defined the last 10 decades. The results are a stirring series of portraits that bring life to a century of women, contextualizing how the friction of mainstream and counterculture defined progression. 

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this is dope

An awesome track from 1337’s own Headphone Activist. Known for his chill but raw vibe, this one will take you on a journey.

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and see him play at 1337 Assault 09/13/14



I don’t want happy weddings I don’t want companies sticking little rainbows on stuff I don’t want allies flooding the streets at Pride for ‘support’

I want homes and clothes and hormones and medical care and education and legal protection and access to shared history and community and safety and respect for ALL my LGBT+ siblings.