Just uploaded Rumours II - Survival to Mixcloud. Listen now!

Just uploaded LXS - Pittsburgh 127 to Mixcloud. Listen now!

I get “fake geek girl” BS in job interviews. I have skipped applying for programming jobs because the ads promote the “bro-centric company culture,” where it is common to drink beer and no one complains about your naughty sense of humor. I have applied at companies that won’t interview me for the position that I’m qualified for because the type of programming that I do is more typical for guys and this other type over here that I don’t do is more typical for girls; in order to show how inclusive of women they are, they strongly encourage me to apply for [girl job] despite me being grossly overqualified for [boy job that I can’t be interviewed for]. I have gone to interviews where it is made clear to me that I’m the affirmative action candidate, that they were intrigued by my claim to play video games [which I was tested on], and then had the technical interviewer act astounded because during my whiteboarding exercise, I followed a coding standard that prevents a security breach and no other applicants did— and then not gotten the job. I have had jobs where my opinion was dismissed by my superiors who were less qualified than me, who repeatedly interrupted me during demos to tell me that I’m doing the demo wrong on a product that the interrupter has never used— and then gotten fired for calmly standing up to him.

So let me tell you why there are so few games with strong female protagonists and so few games with characters that women can identify with as idealized heroes: games are made by men for themselves.

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Yeah but WHY aren’t there more women in the tech center? Must be because of their genetically weird lady brains AMIRITE?!

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I dont talk publicly about how abusive my experiences working in electronics, computer programming, machine shop and engneering environments for fear that if i ever try to work in those fields again these experiences would be used against me. Not like i can work anyway rn. I have been paid less and worked harder and my ideas belittled but then the boss magically comes up with the same idea, told to ignore personal health and medical issues to get jobs done, subjected to ridiculous gendered ideas about “girls being good at this but not that but youre not Really a girl so heres more sexist opinions” and my goddamn family ENCOURAGED ME to stay and to stop speaking up about it….

This track recently hit 100k plays, so I gave it a re-master and it came out waaaaay cleaner. Hope you guys dig the new download.

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If youve scanned my collection of tumes you’ll notice I have a soft spot for DnB remixes of Hip Hop/RnB tunes lol. Here’s another :)

yellow ribbon

yellow ribbon

a list of woc and qtpoc bands would be amazing - are there any lists out there already?


Not that I know of! However, I’m gonna start one, right here, right now. I’m sure I’ll miss a few but I’m inviting everyone here to add bands they know. Below are some currently active punk/hardcore/indie/alt bands that are fronted by, or in which half the band is made up of, women of color and/or LGBTQ people of color:

Aye Nako
Try The Pie
The Younger Lovers
In School
Permanent Ruin -
soundcloud / tumblr
The Mighty Paradocs -
facebook // myspace
Downtown Boys
Malportado Kids
Olivia Neutron-John
Tin Vulva
White Noise Supremacists
Omega Sirius Moon
The Ch’izhii’s « does anyone have any music links?
Shady Hawkins
Kera and the Lesbians
Turnip King
La Luz
The Tuts
Las Otras
La Misma
Midwest Moms
Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries
Las Robertas
Destruye Y Huye
Replica (CA)
Lozen ««< ????
Obama Youth -
Rayos X -
Tuberculosis -
Generación Suicida
Bascom (w folks from sourpatch)
My Parade
Ephemera «< ????
Bedrooms «< is this riiite??
Blood Horses BATTY
Alyssa of
See-Through Girls
Laura of
Heavy Bangs
1000 Lights ««??? 
This Or That
Punk Funk Mob
Ancient Wing
No Bone
Wizard Apprentice (formerly fat transfer) (Tumblr) (Soundcloud)
Oxygen Facial FKA
Melting Wreck
Gorgeous Vermillion
Beast Nest -
Soundcloud / Tumblr
Sangre de Abajo
Centre «< ???
Fanciulla Gentile -
Soundcloud / Tumblr
No Babies
Kai from Self Defense Family (and Bloomer!) ««???
Horregias -
soundcloud // tumblr
Kumbia Queers
The Golfas -
soundcloud // youtube
The Breathing Light -
tumblr // facebook
Anus Kings
New Bloods
The Discotays
TV Tramps -
Miracle Dolls
Bat Vomit - Scum Bastard (Youtube)
Dead Rez Reflex
Baby Shampoo «« ????
Its Morning Somewhere Helms Alee
JD’s Revenge «< ??????
Kuzikia «<??
Criaturas -
bandcamp // soundcloud
Big Joanie -
bandcamp // soundcloud
Bushoong « ??
Moor Mother Goddess -
soundcloud // bandcamp
Atomic Tan Lines
Bike Crash Ziyoou Vachi (Queen Bee) - youtube ” KUCHISAKE ONNA / 女王蜂 - 口裂け女”
Lior from Gay Panic
Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in The Dilapidation - youtube video
Girl in a Coma
Langton Drive - facebook / bandcamp
Virgin Gun Club
Tragic Gadget
Vulgar Fashion
Queen Crescent
Wet Brain
Bitter Fruit

one of my fav places to wake up

one of my fav places to wake up

C major intro

C5 Fm
If we have to go away
Bb7 Eb
Then let’s take the scenic way
Ab F/A
Let’s do it on a summer day
Ab Eb7/G Ab
When the hours are long and bright
C5 Fm
If we have to go away
Bb7 Eb
Let’s walk along the greenest way
Ab/C Bb
We’ll have room to dance and sway
Eb/G Bb13 Abm/Eb
Gently gently into night

Eb7 Abm
And if we have to go away
Then let’s go together
Eb Fm7 Eb/G
Let’s go hand in hand
And if there’s a chance that we can stay
Then let’s stay here forever
Eb Ab Eb
Or as long as we can stand

C5 Fm
If we have to go away
Bb7 Eb
If there’s a boatman we must pay
Ab F/A
Let’s act unwise until we’re grey
Ab Eb7/G Ab
We’ll go follow our every urge
C5 Fm
If we have to go away
Bb7 Eb
Then lets make life a cabaret
Ab/C Bb
Rather than a passion play
Eb/G Bb13 Abm/Eb
A song and not a dirge


C5 Fm
But we have to go away
Bb7 Eb
That’s what all the scientists say
Ab Fm7
So while we have another day
G7 G+7 Cm Fm C
Lets do something dangerous and grand