Slated for August 2014 release on Ohm Bass Recordings

"…and this right here, from home talent Tenova…it’s called Faultless. Here on the Dubmission radio show, broadcast number 812."

It’s truly an incredible feeling hearing a track that you slaved over for months played on one of your cities’ most iconic radio shows. Many thanks to the great people at 91.3fm WYEP for dropping an exclusive preview of the title track from my forthcoming EP.

Also mentioned is a remix I released via The EDM Network for another one of Pittsburgh’s rising producers of House music, Michael Hanlon.

“…that 90’s House sound, how could he go wrong?”

Brownie Mountain’s gone and now there’s nothing left

Brownie Mountain’s gone and now there’s nothing left

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C L E M EN T ! N O




Let’s talk about the ratio of successful surgery fundraisers for trans masculine vs trans feminine people. I personally have seen a handful of successful surgery fundraisers go thru but never even one for any amab person I am aware of. I had a donation post once and the small amount of money it…

300 notes on this post and the situation has not changed. I was recently denied disability on top pf being unable to access obamacare, medical assistance, housing assistance, or any other social service that i desperately need. Let’s talk about the social function of denying care and support systematically to a marginalized group. Let’s talk about how the system is not broken when it is doing exactly what it is designed to do when it excludes bodies like mine. The cumulative weight of being told no a million times on matters of my own bodily integrity and wellbeing. Even if i had insurance i would be fighting every step of the way for inclusive coverage. How is this acceptable. This is a genocide and i won’t stop talking about it until it has ended and there is reparition for me and my sisters.

lets put some money where our mouth is. I need surgery to address the scars, cramping and acute genital discomfort i acquired as an intersex child forced to undergo normalizing procedures the wrong direction. Such injustice so outrage i cant even access basic care that helps w this without coverage (inaccessible) or a bankroll (are u serious i have no income) So if you give a shit and want to help save a poor disabled weirdo queer trans butch out. My paypal is please share even if you can’t donate. Prove me wrong, give me some hope.

Mix by RCMP for the White Light Mix series -

Artist statement:

““We build machines to protect us from the brutality of nature. But we cannot [protect ourselves]. The circuits that allow us expression in ways undreamt endow us with the capacity to annihilate. Beware your own hubris. Beware the immensity and power of the natural world – it cannot be conquered, only leased. To find peace, one must use technology for spiritual elevation. We believe music is an example of such a use.”


Tomita – A Space Ship Lands Emiting Silvery Light
Giorgio Moroder – Transformation Seduction
Party Bros – Heartstones
CSLSX – Paula Abdul Drinking a Pepsi, October 17th, 1987
Ron Basejam – Looter
Roberto Rodriguez – Mustat Varjot
Martin Brodin & Dumb Dan – Gamma Ray (Balearic Version)
Lord of the Isles – Tales of The Rogue Synth
Brian Eno – The Big Ship
RCMP – USA Groove
Aril Brikha – Forever Frost
Tangerine Dream – Betrayal
Michna – Real Hero

tfw the right chemicals at the right time

come party w/ me, torvvo, shisa, nekophiliac, white tuxedo, sam hagensen, rocky business at POSTLIFE PRESENTS: LAUNDRY

before and after. two years hrt does a thing. I was weird and androgynous before now I’m weird and androgynous after but I can actually see myself in the mirror sometimes now and that makes it completely worth it. androfem what?

A sparse, tribal dub treatment of Seeming’s track “New Year.”

and the aca, medical assistance, disability and other services continue to leave the cracks wide open so people like me are still unable to access even basic health care

Intersex babies are not having difficulty with sexual identity or self-image. The parents are, and parental anxiety about the appearance of a child’s genitals should be treated with counseling, not with surgery to the child.
Elizabeth Weil (via reproductivejusticeatsfsu)

Yes. Yes. Yes. (via lauraroselam)

I’m not confused. The work that was done to me as a child was unacceptable. The hormones psychotropics and therapy to erase my femme and queer and deviant nature were unacceptable. What these posts never address is that for adults that were forced surgically into the wrong box there’s no recourse or recovery. My parents never apologised. My doctor sent me to a surgeon who refuses to work on me due to all the pain and scarring i was hoping the surgery would address. Would I even be trans if they had left me androgynous The way I was supposed to be? All I want is to be put back together right. I never wanted to be trans masculine or to have to trans feminize as an adult to balance the first transition out and I definitely have been having trouble getting resources or even a surgeon who would put me back the way I was. My sex is intersex I was camab then I transfeminized but what I really want is my God given androgyny back. Not all of the secondary sex characteristics which are always going to be used against me. I want them all removed eventually anyways. Not that I’ll ever afford any of it or be allowed to access it. I fall through all the cracks I am so invisible I am so frustrated and intersex advocacy doesn’t even begin to address the situation I’ve been left in as an adult.


Just make the pain stop for once. Don’t get my hopes up about doctors surgeons medical assistance disability insurance or being treated with dignity instead of “we don’t do that here” or “sorry you are ineligible because ha ha ha gender stuff”
The idea of queer or trans or intersex community is a bad joke on vulnerable people who have not enough resources for their own survival much less contributing to each other. When a straight friend of mine landed in the hospital magically theres thousands of dollars for sharing. When i end up in the hospital the most i get is a few misguided well intentioned friends that think its for surgical reasons instead of anguish over not being able to access surgery. I wish those friends were right. But the hope of medical care has only ever hurt me more, retraumatizing the set of wounds and scars ive been trying to address this whole time. How else can i recover when the whole system is set up to deny me agency over the decisions ive made. Over decisions that were made for me. Over my specific situation when i am the only one who has to live in this body. When is it going to be my fucking turn?!

dnb mix